Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Opportunity

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The Growth

We at the American Pickleball Association are acutely aware of the industry growth stats and explosive opportunity in front of those in the know. Yet most people, even those who play pickleball regularly, do not realize how fast this game is growing. Take a look at the following info and your eyes will open at the potential for any franchise owner.

The Opportunity

At this point in time the greatest opportunity, at least initially, is here in the USA. However, Canada is experiencing tremendous growth and other countries around the world are also showing signs that Pickleball is not a fad. It’s a game that’s here to stay. And its’ steady growth is evidence of this.


The bulk of players are between 45 and 68. So this growth is occurring in merely one segment of the population. It is now poised for expansion in the younger demographic and we have specific plans for developing this.


The majority of growth in pickleball has occurred here in the USA. It is growing leaps and bounds in Canada, and will continue to expand globally as awareness increases. The opportunity is enormous so get in on the action and talk with us to reserve your territory today!

Market Penetration

Tennis players are moving into pickleball in droves. Add to this the multiple professionally run pickleball tournaments that display the competitiveness and fun of the game. We are positioned ahead of a massive growth curve.